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Inspired business advice

We live and breathe business – and with more than 25 years of growth and success under our own belts, we’re happy to share our knowledge.

For years we have provided in-depth business and entrepreneurial advisory services – and during that period have supported many people in achieving their dream.

The importance of clear strategic business planning is universally recognised – but it can invariably prove a stiff challenge for the busy business proprietor.

We support organisations of all shapes and sizes to continuously evolve and adapt in the face of a constantly changing and increasingly complex environment.

We help our clients react with agility to opportunities and threats by delivering ongoing performance improvements to allow them to gain and protect competitive advantage.

And we have a direct line to a number of funders via our sister company Hornby Corporate Solutions, meaning support in accessing funds for expansion, investment or consolidation is on hand.

With a complete range of business skills, practical knowledge and experience to advise on all aspects of business, the team at JF Hornby & Co are the team you need in your corner.

Offshore Financial Management

J F Hornby & Co also offer a comprehensive advice service for UK residents working overseas, expatriates, entrepreneurs or for those with companies based abroad.

Offshore centres are becoming very popular to businesses of all types to effectively manage their assets.

J F Hornby & Co have many years of experience in providing tax-efficient schemes enabling clients to protect their wealth and effectively manage their assets.

Meet the expert

Business Consultancy – Tom Southward

We actively advise companies on strategies linked to growth, diversification, investment and business acquisition/disposals, with all partners within the business have experience in this area. Tom is highly regarded in this area and will be your first point of contact.