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“I would say there is probably no better accountant in this area than Paul Hornby. Within 20 minutes of moving to Hornby’s, he’d saved us a fortune. Their friendly approach is refreshing from the stuffy stereo typical accountants we were used to. We’ve been with them over 3 years now and the relationship has only got stronger. I recommend them wherever possible.”

Mark Telford, Managing Director – Forth Engineering

“J F Hornby’s are like a breath of fresh air, they give you options and help expand your business. I recommend them all the time to friends who can’t believe the difference they make having them on board.”

Mark Wilding, CEO – Lumier Limited

“I think Hornby’s are a brilliant firm which offer really good, solid tax advice. We recommend them wherever possible.”

David Corrie, Manging Director – Corrie and Co